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Anúncio de notícias9 de junho de 2020Direção-Geral do Comércio

Commission publishes report on EU-Chile negotiation round

As part of its transparency commitment, the European Commission today published the report summarising progress made during the seventh round of negotiations for the modernisation of the Trade part of the EU-Chile Association Agreement.

There was good progress in a significant number of chapters, including parts of the services chapter, rules of origin, technical barriers to trade, good regulatory practices, public procurement, institutional provisions and some intellectual property rights (IPR) provisions. The useful progress in chapters on sanitary and phytosanitary issues (SPS), transparency, anticorruption and customs and trade facilitation have as a result that these chapters are now very well advanced.

There were also constructive discussions on financial services, investment, investment court system, geographical indications, trade in goods, state owned enterprises, subsidies, competition, trade and sustainable development, trade and gender, energy and raw materials. Considerable work is, however, still needed for these chapters.

The next round is scheduled for September (exact dates to be confirmed).

The 7th round report

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9 de junho de 2020
Direção-Geral do Comércio
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