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Sweden - Traditional craftsmanship from Scandinavia

The axes are made from locally produced, high-quality steel, strong hickory wood and vegetable tanned leather.

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Going back to tradition was a winning concept for this Swedish axe company. Gränsfors Bruk’s history goes back over 100 years to a time when axes where an essential part of society – especially in Sweden with its large forestry sector.

With the introduction of the chainsaw in the 1960s the market changed. Axe producers around the world tried competing with lower prices and lower quality. When in 1985 Gabriel Brånby took over Gränsfors Bruk he decided to go back to its roots and started making high quality axes again.

Today, Gabriel’s sons, Adam and Daniel, have taken over the company. They have continued with the traditional methods of production, focusing on the essentials and the details. The axes are made from locally produced, high-quality steel, strong hickory wood and vegetable tannedleather.

As a sign of the craftmanship and know-how that goes into making the axes, the blacksmith carves his initials into the blade of the axe.

With the guiding principles of know-how and expertise, producing the right axe for the right job and being environmentally friendly, this small Swedish company exports 80 % of its products and reaches over 30 countries around the world.

How an EU-Australia Trade Agreement could help:

A trade deal aiming at easing nontariff barriers would cut the costs non-tariffs barriers bring.

For Gränsfors Bruk these currently include shipment fees and electronic entry fees for the harbour. This would enable them to sell their quality axes in Australia at a lower price, making them more competitive.

A trade agreement makes trade easier between the partners. Gränsfors Bruk hopes that increased interest in trade between EU and Australia will bring new customers and more opportunities.

Our business has already seen the positive results from the EU’s trade deal with Canada last year. We look forward to similarly good results from a trade agreement with Australia.

Adam Brånby,
Co-owner, Gränsfors Bruk Sweden