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Sweden - Exploring the Innermost

Insplorion's NPS technology is used globally. It serves the electric vehicle industry and climate conscious cities all over the world.

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Swedish company Insplorion uses its cutting edge nanotechnology to produce ultra-high performance battery sensors, air quality sensors and research equipment. The company’s patented NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS) technology makes it possible to study nano processes on surfaces and in thin layers. The sensors’ high sensitivity, robust nature and the fact that they can be miniaturised mean NPS is ideal for rough environments in the field, in industry or in corrosive environments such as inside a battery.

Key facts

  • Founded in 2010
  • Headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Employees: 8
  • Annual turnover: 150k€

Insplorion Battery Sensor

Thanks to the switch to green energy, immense interest from industry and a potential to disrupt the market for lithium-ion batteries, Insplorion’s battery sensor operation has grown rapidly.  With increased energy output, better charge rate and radically lowered costs, the technology will be decisive for the way batteries are used. It will increase electric vehicles’ range, bring cheaper energy storage and increase safety.

Insplorion Air Quality Sensor

Increasing urbanisation and air pollution mean the need for competitive air quality sensors has grown exponentially.  Insplorion’s technology means its sensors are more robust, more reliable, smaller and cheaper. This makes it possible to build networks of sensors, for example on each streetlight instead of on just a few.

How the EU’s trade agreements help

The EU-Korea trade agreement has made it much easier for Insplorion to export its NPS based research instruments to Korea.

The Korean battery industry is one of the main markets for battery sensors. The EU-Korea trade agreement makes it easier for firms like Insplorion to collaborate strategically with partners in Korea.

Our NPS technology is used globally. We serve the electric vehicle industry and climate conscious cities all over the world. The EU-Korea trade agreement has made it easier for us to export to Korea and to work with partners there.

Patrik Dahlqvist,
CEO Insplorion