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Spain - Spanish biscuits are popular in Algeria

EU trade deals lower customs duties helping European companies grow

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Galletas Gullón is one of Europe's leading biscuit manufacturers and among the leading food groups in Spain. Founded in 1892, the company now exports its biscuits to more than 100 countries around the world.

North African countries are a very attractive market for manufacturers of food products because over the last few years the region has experienced a sharp increase in consumption thanks to a young population which contrasts with Europe's ageing population. As a result of this demand, companies like Galletas Gullón are increasingly keen to establish business there.

The EU-Algeria trade agreement entered into force in 2005. It lowered tariff barriers to trade, which had previously been as high as 30%, to make it easier for European companies to export their goods there.

Over the last five years, Galletas Gullón recorded an annual increase of 36% in sales there, reaching €2.2 million in 2015. Continued demand has ensured Galletas Gullón has now become the largest biscuit exporter in Algeria, an achievement the company believes would not have been possible without the trade agreement's entry into force.

Exports are increasingly important to Galletas Gullón. In 2015 the company generated some €312 million in turnover, 37% of which came from exports.

Galletas Gullón's international success has had positive consequences for the surrounding region, maintaining a 1100 strong workforce in Palencia.

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