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Romania - Romanian branding & design help Asian brands stand out

Building on their experiences from working with Eastern European brands, business partners Aneta Bogdan, Cristian Paul and Mihai Bogdan teamed up in 2002 to create the consulting firm Brandient.

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Brandient helps companies strengthen their competitive advantage by finding ways to visualise the client's corporate identity, and the quality and design of their products, in the form of product designs, logos and slogans.

In Southeast Asia, companies tend to be willing to build design profiles that are sometimes risky and unconventional. Having experienced the same trend in Eastern Europe, Brandient is well-placed to work in these transformative markets.

While Brandient has a cross-industry portfolio, its strategy to expand into Asian markets is linked to the increasing demand for graphic design of digital experiences in recent years, for example in mobile applications and FinTech.

The company already offers their creative services to Asian Clients and they are looking forward to build further success in the region, despite fierce competition from many global players.

How the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement could help

With the agreement European companies will be able to continue to provide innovative services in Singapore, such as branding, according to the same rules that apply to local firms. Also, the agreement makes it easier for EU companies to set up offices in Singapore.

The trade agreement guarantees the highest protection for trademarks and designs, ensuring that trademark infringement and non-licensed use of designs will not be allowed.

Singapore is the most important market in Asia for branding & consulting and creative services, together with Hong Kong. It is a hub for Southeast Asia, it is English-speaking, cosmopolitan and easy to access. The EU-Singapore trade agreement encourages more EU companies to expand their services to Asia, and this would only increase the opportunities for a business like ours.

Aneta Bogdan,
Managing Partner, Brandient

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