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Netherlands - Canuck Beverage Dispensing Equipment

Cheers to EU-Canada export success!

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Cheers to EU-Canada export success!

Canuck supplies the drinks industry with equipment to cool, transport and pour their drinks in bars.

CETA is good for Canuck because the firm is the sole distributor of Canadian tubing products for the European market, an important component in Canuck’s products. CETA has also opened up a large new market of potential customers.

Key facts

  • Founded in 1996
  • Headquarters: Heinkenszand, Netherlands
  • Employees: 10
  • Annual turnover (2016): € 1.2m
  • Annual exports (2016):
    • outside the EU: € 300,000
    • to Canada: € 50,000

Thanks to a reduction in tariffs, trade between the EU and Canada has grown and costs have gone down. This has allowed the company to expand.

How CETA is helping

CETA cut tariffs on beer lines from 6.5% to 0%. Other equipment has seen similar drops.

The increased volumes of trade mean has helped Canuck’s turnover increase significantly and they have taken on two extra staff members.

Thanks to CETA, in the last year our total trade with Canada has tripled. The agreement has played a key role in our expansion in recent months. I’ve hired two extra people and plan to get more on board soon.  

Don Paauwe,
CEO, Canuck Beverage Dispensing Equipment Board Member, Netherlands-Canada Chamber of Commerce