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Luxembourg – chocolates from Luxembourg a delight for Canadians

Chocolatier artisanal Luxembourgeois

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Chocolaterie Genaveh is a Luxemburgish artisanal chocolate maker that offers high-end products in elegant, contemporary packaging.  All Genaveh’s chocolates are handmade in its workshop in Steinfort.

Run by Alexandra Kahn, Genaveh sells its products throughout Europe.  Thanks to CETA – the EU’s trade agreement with Canada – the Luxemburgish firm has been able to expand its business to Canada.

In 2019, Genaveh took over Chocolats Andrée, an artisanal chocolate maker in Montreal.  Established in 1940, Chocolats Andrée was a purveyor of European-style gourmet chocolates and products.  It closed in 2018 but a year later Genaveh’s Alexandra Kahn and professional chocolate maker Elodie Royer reopened the iconic chocolate shop.  Genaveh now exports its chocolates to Canada and sells them under the Chocolat Andrée’s label.

Key facts

  • Founded in 2005 (bought by La Luxemburgoise du Chocolat Sarl in 2017)
  • Headquarters: Steinfort, Luxembourg
  • Employees: 6

How has CETA helped in doing business?

CETA cuts tariffs and makes it easier to export goods and services, benefitting people and businesses in both the EU and Canada.  CETA cut Canadian tariffs on chocolates and confectionery from 10 percent to zero, making EU firms more competitive on the Canadian market.

Genaveh’s ties with Chocolats Andrée make Canada an important market for it.  Chocolates Andrée orders chocolates from Genaveh which, with its know-how, produces chocolates adapted to Canadian tastes, while keeping the brand's standard for quality.

Without CETA, Chocolats Andree’s 80 years legacy would have been lost forever. CETA also made it possible for Genaveh to expand its export businesses across the ocean – a win-win situation!