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Latvia - Food processing made easier for Canadians

PERUZA is an engineering and manufacturing company that produces equipment, primarily for the food processing industry, and especially for fish processing. PERUZA delivers its production lines worldwide under its own brand name.

Country or region
  • Canada
Trade topics
  • Exporters' stories
EU exporter
  • Latvia

Key Info

  • Founded in: 1991
  • Headquarters: Riga, Latvia
  • Employees: 80
  • Annual turnover: EUR 7.6 million

Company profile

  • The modern PERUZA was founded after the collapse of the Soviet Union, building on the previous company’s experience of engineering fish processing equipment.
  • PERUZA grew by developing various small fish processing equipment and delivering to various countries, initially close neighbours, then to EU countries, and then worldwide i.e. to Japan and Canada. Currently PERUZA is incorporating IT technology and artificial intelligence in its engineered and manufactured equipment. It has expanded beyond fish processing into robotised packaging and palletising solutions, and robotised production lines.
  • Being in the EU helps PERUZA to secure recognition of its origins, and contributes to its identity, values and culture.

How the EU-Canada trade agreement helps

  • Significant business won – PERUZA delivers its fish processing line for a Canadian customer with less burden with regard to customs formalities.
  • Less cost – the removal of customs taxes and levies means better prices for customers, thus increasing PERUZA’s chances of being the selected supplier.
  • It opens the door to supply hi-tech engineering products


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Roberts Dlohi
Chairman of the Board, PERUZA