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Italy - Stella Milano 1952

Italian jewellery that tells a story

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Italian jewellery that tells a story

Stella Milano 1952 has a long and strong tradition of jewellery making. In 1952, in the shadow of the Milan Duomo Cathedral, four brothers set up the company with the dream of producing and selling jewellery. The result is high quality jewellery that combines innovative technology with craftsmanship in the long tradition of Lombardy’s goldsmiths.

From the design through to production, every step includes Italian style. People around the world are fascinated by Italian jewellery, especially when they are handcrafted in Milan. Stella Milano is a company where passionate craftsmen work together to create beauty and splendour.

Key facts

  • Founded in: 1952
  • Headquarters: Milan, Italy
  • Employees: 20
  • Annual turnover: €6 million

Stella Milano 1952 is a family company, now managed by the second generation of the Stella family. The company’s collections are classical and evergreen, with a distinctive Italian style that is much sought after around the world.

Stella Milano 1952 distributes its creations to retailers and wholesalers in Europe, Canada, the US and the Middle East. The high cost of gold means import duties in many non-EU countries heavily affect sales.

How the EU’s trade agreement has helped

Before CETA, Canada imposed import tariffs of up to 8.5% on jewellery. With CETA’s tariff cuts, Stella Milano has seen its exports to Canada grow by 30%.

Thanks to CETA, five new Canadian importers have contacted Stella Milano.

CETA has helped us expand our sales to Canada by nearly a third. With more and more importers in Canada contacting us, we’re looking forward to even more growth.

Dimitri Stella,
CEO Stella Milano 1952