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Italy - Italian design makes its presence felt in Chile

EU trade agreements support SME exports, boost investment and create jobs

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Moving is a chair manufacturer from Italy's Veneto region established in 1980. The company employs 45 people and generates an impressive 85-90% of its turnover from exports.

The EU trade agreement with Chile eliminated all customs duties on furniture, leading to a rise in demand for Moving's products. Moving's revenue from the Chilean market increased by over 50% between 2011 and 2015. This contributed substantially to the company's overall growth in turnover.

The EU trade agreement with Chile has enabled Moving to compensate for a drop in demand from other international markets and maintain a stable workforce.

In addition, Moving has been able to invest €300 000 in new machinery and to channel funds into research for development of products specifically for the Chilean market.

Exports of Italian chairs to Chile have more than doubled since the EU-Chile trade agreement came into force in 2003, with increases of 103% in terms of value and 121.4% in terms of quantity.

In 2015, EU exports to Chile were worth over €8.3 billion, an increase of 182% since 2003.

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