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Hungary - Tokaj wine

The King Of Wines And The Wine Of Kings

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“The King Of Wines And The Wine Of Kings.” (Louis XIV himself, describing Tokaji Aszú)

Did you know that Tokaj is the oldest protected wine region of Europe? Located in Hungary’s North East, Tokaj terroir consists of clay or loess soil on volcanic subsoil and enjoys a microclimate conducive to the proliferation of noble rot. Local producers in the region have taken advantage of these conditions to perfect famous Tokaj wine specialties like "Aszú" over centuries.

Key facts

  • Founded in: 1613
  • Headquarters: Tokaj
  • Workplaces in wine production: 15000
  • Annual production: 10,028,000 litres
  • Export: 10MEUR

The historical ancestor of the Council was established in 1613. The area was officially delimited by royal decree in 1737, thereby introducing a system of strict appellation control for all Tokaji wines. Declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002, the Tokaj wine region is widely considered the first appellation in the world.

Company profile

Tokaj wine was registered as a European Geographical Indication (GI) in Canada in April 2020. The Council of the Tokaj Wine Communities considers this GI as a very important tool for the sales and protection of Tokaj. Protection of GIs is relevant both economically and culturally. As GIs function to indicate a desirable quality, reputation or characteristic for a product, they can be a key distinguishing factor affecting consumer behavior and loyalty. Thanks to its registration in Canada, Tokaj will now benefit from the protection afforded to European GIs under the CETA agreement.

How CETA could help?

Dr. Molnár considers that the added quality recognition stemming from the Tokaj Geographical Indication will allow exports to Canada to increase.

 The registration process as a Geographical Indication in Canada was smooth, [...] it has been a very positive experience.

Dr. Péter Molnár,
President of the Tokaj Wine Region

For further information about the protection of European GIs under CETA, please consult our Practical Business Guide to Geographical Indications in Canada.