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Hungary - Security and road safety at the service of New Zealand

Improved access for EU companies to New Zealand public procurement contracts will remove barriers to mutually beneficial cooperation for companies like Adaptive Recognition, which makes components for traffic and security systems.

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Adaptive Recognition designs, develops and produces software and hardware based on computer image processing technology. The technology is used as components in traffic and security systems such as automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) software or cameras, and other hardware devices for vehicle access control, traffic monitoring, and industrial code reading.

In addition, the company develops and manufactures document readers and scanners for the identity verification market that help to accelerate and improve authentication and data entry processes.

Adaptive Recognition’s client base mainly consists of system integrators working on a wide range of private and governmental projects of all sizes.

Key facts:

  • Founded in: 1991
  • Headquarters: Budapest, Hungary
  • Employees: 300+
  • Annual turnover: 30m EUR

Adaptive Recognition and international trade

In the early 1990s, Adaptive Recognition, then known as ARH, was among the first R&D-intensive enterprises to start developing self-learning algorithms based on artificial intelligence.

Its first major success came with the Carmen® license plate recognition software. With time, the software’s recognition capabilities have been expanded to include other standardised codes, which are used, among other things, in shipping or printed on ID documents like passports.

Related hardware such as specialised cameras for traffic monitoring and access control, as well as ID scanner and passport reader devices, have also been added to the product portfolio. These are manufactured at Adaptive Recognition’s own production plant located in Perbál, Hungary.

What was once a small start-up is today an international company with locations in Denmark, the USA, Central Europe, and Singapore, with representative partners worldwide.

In the ANZ region, Adaptive Recognition’s products are distributed by Image Analytics Pacific (IAP) Ltd., located in Auckland. Rather than a one-off ‘export deal’, the business is continuous. IAP Ltd. has been working with local systems integrators for over seven years, contributing to several success stories in the local market.

How the EU-NZ trade agreement helps                          

Although there are no import barriers now, increased freight costs make prices higher and thus harder to compete.

Adaptive Recognition’s mission is to put cutting-edge technology to the service of the safety of the individual and society worldwide. Improved access for EU companies to New Zealand public procurement contracts will remove barriers to mutually beneficial cooperation and benefit our common objectives.”

László Kis,
CEO, Adaptive Recognition

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