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Germany - CETA holds great opportunity for German recycling firm

Hessian service provider has eyes on Canadian market with plans to contribute to environmental protection.

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Reclay Group is an international service provider in packaging and waste management, headquartered in Herborn in Hessia. It works with 3,000 clients worldwide and provides consulting and recycling services to help governments and businesses reach their recycling targets.

Public procurement processes under the regulations of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) strengthen the position of Reclay in Canada. “Our experience in Germany shows that opening up public procurement to competition brings advantages for both the environment and the consumer,” says Raffael A. Fruscio, CEO of Reclay.

Recycling is a fast-growing business activity. And it benefits the environment. Improvements in technology, such as highly efficient sorting machines, reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, because more recycled materials – instead of new materials – can be reintroduced into production processes.

These developments coincide with reduced recycling costs. While, in the first instance, these benefit mainly packaging producers, because they are responsible for recycling packaging waste under Canadian as well as German law, savings are passed on to the consumer through lower product prices.

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