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France - Pipolaki

Getting ready for winter with Pipolaki!

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Pipolaki is a French company that makes warm headgear for winter sports. Initially specialising in berets, the company began to make hats for the French Olympic skier Annie Famose. The first models were woollen and famous for their comfort. The success story was launched at the 1964 Innsbruck Olympic Games when French skier Marielle Goitschel won the slalom and featured on the cover of Paris Match magazine with her gold medal and Pipolaki hat.

Interesting facts:

  • Created in 1962 in the French Pyrenees by André and Jean Olibet
  • Headquarters – Pau, France
  • Turnover of € 1,211,100 in 2014

What benefits does CETA bring for Pipolaki?

Canada’s cold, snowy winters make it an obvious market for warm berets and woollen hats. Pipolaki is keen to increase its exports to the Land of the Maple.

Thanks to CETA and its big cuts in tariffs on textile products, Pipolaki is planning to increase its sales in Canada through its first distributor in Montreal.

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