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France - French car-sharing makes Singaporeans more mobile

Blue Solutions is a leading manufacturer of lithium metal polymer batteries.

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Blue Solutions is a leading manufacturer of lithium metal polymer batteries. Developed by a team of 300 specialists, their high-capacity battery is a core product in many electric vehicles.

This has enabled Blue Solutions to also offer urban solutions such as e-cars, e-buses and e-tramways.

Key info

  • Founded in: 2011
  • Headquarters: Bretagne, France
  • Employees: 35

Company profile

Since 2011, Blue Solutions is developing and commercialising electric mobility applications across the globe. The company not only manufactures electric vehicles and charging stations, but it also operates car sharing systems and maintains its vehicles.

After success in Paris and Lyon, Blue Solutions has started to export to markets like the U.S. and Asia. In 2016, Blue Solutions was granted a contract by Singapore's Land Transport Authority and Economic Development Board to launch the city-state's first electric vehicle sharing scheme. This 100 million euro investment will result in 1,000 battery-powered cars and 2000 charging stations to be introduced on the roads by 2020.

Blue Solutions main manufacturing and R&D site is near Quimper in France. Once its batteries are assembled into vehicles (in Italy), the finished cars are tested in accordance with European standards.

Blue SG also takes care of the maintenance on location in Singapore.

How the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement could help


The trade agreement will allow new cars approved in the EU to be accepted in Singapore without any additional testing requirements.

Clean technology

The agreement will promote new clean technologies from companies, such as Blue Solutions, by ensuring that efficient approval processes are in place.

Opening up government contracts

The Agreement will make it easier for European companies to bid for public contracts in Singapore, opening up opportunities for innovative EU companies to offer their technologies.

Singapore is ideal for Blue SG's car sharing solution. It is a city-state with modern infrastructure and high population density. It is also a place where it is easy for companies to operate. We can rely on qualified people and great research and development opportunities, while having a regional outlook. The possibility to compete for public procurement contracts is definitely something that will help us in our future endeavour to promote our projects and technologies.

Franck Vitté,
Managing Director, Blue SG