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Belgium - Giving Mexicans a taste for fine Belgian chocolates

In 2019, Galler will be distributed in stores and hotels all over Mexico.

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Galler bears the name of its founder, Jean Galler. Based in one of Europe's most prominent chocolate-producing countries, it has been an innovator in chocolate production for over 40 years.

The company brings passion to its products, which feature a variety of flavours and tastes, to chocolate lovers around the world. Most recently, the company has entered the Mexican market, by teaming up with Belimport, a medium-sized business based in the city of San Miguel de Allende in the central state of Guanajuato. This location means Galler can now be easily distributed in stores and hotels all over Mexico, notably in the hubs of Querétaro and the capital, Mexico City.

A market full of opportunities

Thibaud Mariage is Galler's representative in Mexico. In 2019, he will open the first stores in the country, enabling Mexican customers to also enjoy authentic Belgian waffles and hot chocolate, as well as Galler's wide range of chocolate bars.

Galler is also pursuing other strategies to reach more consumers throughout the country. These include using e-commerce – a growing sales channel in Mexico – and working with partners in the retail industry to help extend the company's reach.

How the EU-Mexico trade agreement will help:

The new trade agreement between the EU and Mexico will eliminate Mexican customs tariffs on chocolate from the EU, currently at more than 30 percent. This will enable Galler to offer its products at a more competitive price.

We currently have higher costs than Mexican chocolate manufacturers due to the high tariffs that we face when importing our Belgian products. The new EU-Mexico trade deal will scrap Mexican customs tariffs on EU chocolate, allowing us to compete more effectively.

Thibaud Mariage,
Galler representative in Mexico, Director of Belimport

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