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Austria - Raising a glass to the end of Canadian tariffs

CETA has opened up Canada's market to European wine by removing import tariffs and removing other barriers faced by European exporters.

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Österreich Wein, the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, has helped to promote the sales of Austrian wine both at home and abroad. The wine-growing country of Austria is known for its diversity of grape varieties and the versatility of its wine producers. Around 20,000 vintners cultivate grapevines and make their own wines at all levels of quality, and for all occasions.

Österreich Wein supports, coordinates and maintains the quality and sales of their products at home and abroad. The Board focuses on promoting quality wines and helping to increase the value of Austrian wine exports from year to year. Indeed, in 2016 overall exports grew to almost €150 million.

Canada is a fast-growing wine market where Austria is already well represented. In 2016 exports by volume grew by 20 per cent year on year while exports by value rose by 28 per cent. With the provisional entry into force of CETA, on 21 September 2017, Austrian winemakers increased sales even further. The Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the EU not only removed Canada's import tariffs on European wines but also some of the barriers that EU wine exporters faced in the past.