Направо към основното съдържание

Austria - A new brew for Canadian consumers

CETA creates new opportunities that are of particular interest to small businesses across the EU trying to export to Canada.

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Schärf Coffee is a family business which operates over 300 coffee shops in 23 countries under the Coffee shop Company brand, supplying them with coffee from Austria. Schärf uses only premium high-grown Arabica beans for its coffees, sourced from the best coffee growing areas around the globe. It then roasts all its beans in Austria. One of its sources is Marley’s coffee farm in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. The farm supports communities and the environment through organic, sustainable and ethical trade.

In Austria, Schärf's exports guarantee some 90 jobs at the company's head office. CETA helps it to expand its overseas operations still further. By lowering or removing tariffs, CETA enables European firms like Schärf to offer their products at more competitive prices on the Canadian market.