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Austria - Austrian wine makes a splash in the Andes

EU trade agreements with Colombia and Peru help Austrian winery enter new markets

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Rainer Wess winery, located in the Kremstal region of the Wachau Valley of Austria, has been producing wine since 2003. The winery has earned a strong reputation for its Grüner Veltiner and Riesling wines and presently exports to more than twenty countries around the world.

Supported by EU trade deals with international partners, Rainer Wess exports 65% of its produce. The EU trade agreement with Colombia and Peru enabled the company to benefit from lower trade tariffs and less administrative burden. Its wine is now gaining popularity in some of the best restaurants in the world in Peru's capital of Lima.

The strength of EU trade deals is evident from the winery's experience in Thailand, with which the EU has not yet concluded a trade agreement. There, Rainer Wess wines, while popular, were subject to high customs duties making consumer prices less attractive.  "After the setback in Thailand we had to look for new markets and established first contacts at an international wine fair. Today you can enjoy our wine when visiting 'Central' or 'Astrid y Gaston', two of the best restaurants in the world, and the Peruvian wine store chain "Almendariz," explains founder and CEO, Rainer Wess.

The demand for Austrian wine is on the rise all over the world. In 2015, Austria not only produced more wine than ever before but exports reached a record value of €146 million – a 5.2% increase from the year before.

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