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EU-India Free Trade Agreement, Investment Protection Agreement and Geographical Indications Agreement

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On 17 June 2022, the European Union relaunched negotiations with India for a Free Trade Agreement, and launched separate negotiations for an Investment Protection Agreement and an Agreement on Geographical Indications (GIs). 
The EU is India's third largest trading partner, accounting for €88 billion worth of trade in goods in 2021 or 10.8% of total Indian trade. India is the EU’s 10th largest trading partner, accounting for 2.1% of EU total trade in goods. Trade in services between the EU and India reached €30.4 billion in 2020.
The trade negotiations aim to:

  • Remove barriers and helping EU firms – especially smaller ones – to export more;
  • Open up services and public procurement markets;
  • Ensure protection of geographical indications;
  • Pursue ambitious commitments on trade and sustainable development, and;
  • Make sure the agreed rules are enforceable.

The investment protection negotiations aim to provide investors from both sides with a predictable and secure investment environment, through commitments on:

  • Non-discrimination;
  • Protection against expropriation without compensation and unfair treatment of investors and their investments, while preserving the right to regulate, and;
  • Transfer of returns.

The investment protection negotiations also seek to put in place an effective and state-of-the-art dispute settlement mechanism to enforce such rules.

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