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EU trade relations with Chile. Facts, figures and latest developments.

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The EU and Chile concluded an Association Agreement in 2002, which includes comprehensive trade rules (see Part IV of the Association Agreement) that entered into force in February 2003 covering EU-Chile trade relations.

Trade picture

  • The EU is Chile's third-largest trade partner, comprising 9,5 of Chile's total trade in 2022.
  • The EU is Chile's third-largest import supplier and Chile's third-largest export market, after China and the US.
  • In 2022 EU imports from Chile were vegetable products (38,5%), mineral products (20,3%), and base metals (21,4%).
  • EU exports to Chile in 2022 were machinery (27,5%), chemical products (18,9%) and transport equipment (17,3%).

The EU and Chile

The current trade part of the EU-Chile Association Agreement:

  • removes tariffs
  • removes trade barriers
  • guarantees protection for European intellectual property in Chile

The Agreement has a trade coordinator meeting and special trade related sub-committees which meet yearly to review the use of the Agreement and other trade-related issues.

Modernising the trade part of the EU-Chile Association Agreement

The EU and Chile concluded negotiations to modernise the existing EU-Chile Association Agreement on 9 December 2022, ensuring that the agreement continues to address all areas of the relevant trade and investment relationship between the EU and Chile.

Trading with Chile

Exporters' stories

France - Fresh water from a French firm

France - Fresh water from a French firm

The 2003 EU-Chile trade deal cut import taxes and other trade barriers. This enabled French water treatment firm, Eau Pure, to enter the Chilean market, doubling turnover in two years. The workforce has also grown from 10 to 20 employees.

Latest news

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Commission publishes report on EU-Chile negotiation round

As part of its transparency commitment, the European Commission today published the report summarising progress made during the seventh round of negotiations for the modernisation of the Trade part of the EU-Chile Association Agreement took place from 25 to 29 May.