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Anti-dumping refunds

Importers of products subject to anti-dumping duties can ask for a refund of duties paid.

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What is a refund?

Importers of products subject to anti-dumping duties can ask for a refund of duties paid when they can show that the dumping margin, on the basis of which the duties were paid, has been eliminated or reduced to a level which is below the level of the duty in force.

They must address their request to the authorities of the EU country where the duties were paid, which will then transmit it to the European Commission for investigation.

Requests for reimbursement for any other reason (e.g. if the importer believes that the goods should not have been subject to the duties at all), are the exclusive competence of the relevant national authorities of the country where the goods were released for free circulation.

The application

Refund applications must clearly state the reasons why the importer believes that the dumping margin of the exporting producer subject to duties has been reduced or eliminated. Such applications must be supported by evidence.

The procedure for examining refund requests necessarily involves the cooperation of the exporting producer subject to the duties.

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