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Trade barrier investigations

All reports of investigations under the Trade Barriers Regulation are working documents of the Commission services and are only provided for information purposes.

Trade topics
Enforcement and protection

Since 1996, 24 TBR examination procedures have been initiated.

The TBR has been used to serve the needs of a variety of industries (music, textile, spirits…) and has considered practices of different trading partners (Brazil, Canada, Japan, Turkey et cetera).

In some of those cases, a solution has been reached through negotiation or action by the third country and in others by means of WTO dispute settlement procedures.

Personal data protection

The processing of personal data by the EU institutions and bodies is covered by Regulation (EU) 2018/1725.

For more information concerning the treatment of your personal data submitted to the Commission in the context of a TBR investigation, please refer to the TBR privacy statement.

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