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WT/DS328 - European Communities - Definitive Safeguard Measure on Salmon

WTO dispute settlement case - Complaint against the EU

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Dispute settlement
Dispute settlement
WTO - Complaint against the EU

Summary of the case

  • Complaint by: Norway
  • Complaint against: EU
  • Third parties: No third party

Challenge by Norway of the definitive safeguard measures imposed by the EC on imported farmed salmon (Commission Regulation n° 206/2005 adopted on 4 February 2005) on the basis of its incompatibility with Article XIX of the GATT, and Articles 2 (conditions for the imposition of safeguards), 4 (determination of injury) and 5 (application of safeguard measures) of the WTO Safeguards Agreement.

Relevant WTO provision: Agreement on Safeguards (2, 4 and 5); GATT 1994 (XIX:1)


Awaiting date for consultations

  • Consultations requested: 01 March 2005


Full case details and WTO documents on the WTO website

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