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WT/DS184 - Anti-dumping measures on certain hot-rolled steel products from Japan

WTO dispute settlement case - EU as third party

Country or region
JapanUnited States
Trade topics
Dispute settlement
Dispute settlement
WTO - EU as third party

Summary of the case

  • Complaint by: Japan
  • Complaint against: United States
  • Third parties: EU, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Korea, Republic Of

Anti-dumping measures on certain hot-rolled steel products from Japan


AB report circulated, adopted on 23 Aug. 2001. Binding arbitration to determine a reasonable period of time for implementation requested. Arbitration decision issued on 19 Feb. 2002, implementation period expired on 23 Nov. 2002. On 22 Nov. 2002 the US requested to extend the implementation period until 31 Dec. 2003 or until the end of the first session of the next Congress, whichever is earlier. This request was adopted by the DSB on 5 Dec. 2002. On 10 Dec. 2003 the US asked the DSB to extend the reasonable period of time until 31 July 2004. The extension was approved.

  • Consultations requested: 18 November 1999
  • Panel requested: 11 February 2000
  • Panel established: 20 March 2000
  • Panel report circulated: 28 February 2001
  • Appeal requested: 25 April 2001
  • Appeal report circulated: 24 July 2001
  • Panel/Appellate Body report adopted: 23 August 2001
  • Implementation deadline: 31 July 2004


Full case details and WTO documents on the WTO website

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